What to Do If Garage Door Closes Then Goes Back Up!

January 27, 2022by admin

Common Garage Door Issue


Ever had the problem of your garage door closes then goes back up? You’re not alone. Many have complained about this happening to their unit, whether it’s an old one that needs garage door repair or a relatively new garage door. 


It’s a problem because if you are in a rush to get to work, or have errands to do, you won’t be able to leave the house right away if your garage door reverses when you close it. That leaves the property vulnerable to the outside elements and possible intrusion.


There are a couple of reasons why a garage door starts to close then goes back up. There could be an irregular power surge, where your electrical system feeds power that makes the movement inconsistent. Another reason might be that your sensors are not aligned, or something is blocking the beam and affecting the accuracy of the photo eye sensors. 


What To Do If Garage Door Closes Then Goes Back Up


There could be several explanations why your garage door is acting up. While we suggest that garage door repair be done only by professionals, it helps to understand what could be behind the erratic movements so you could inform your trusted technician about it. And if there are simple enough adjustments, there’s no reason you can’t fix it yourself.


Here are some possible ways you can troubleshoot the issue:


  1. Check the Photo Eye Sensors


If you notice that your garage door stops but then suddenly reverses back up, it’s usually due to malfunctioning photo eye sensors. Like what we’ve said, there could be something blocking the beams. There might be dirt stuck, loose wiring, or the sensors themselves are no longer working correctly. Something as simple as cleaning the sensors could do the trick.


Safety sensor troubleshooting is critical because it maintains the safety of the doors. If you always experience a problem, it’s best to call your garage door maintenance team to have the sensors checked. Your technician will know if they can be aligned or repaired or if the sensors need replacement.


  1. Adjust the Travel Down Settings


Your garage door opener has a downforce or travel-down setting that controls the distance the doors will span before it completely closes down. It works in a typical fashion if there are no problems. But if it closes before the set distance, it could be detecting a safety threat that’s why the doors reverse back up. If you are pretty sure there is no reason why the door will activate the safety reverse feature, then adjust the travel down settings. Input a new distance to get the doors to complete the movement. 


  1. Do Garage Door Opener Maintenance


If your garage door starts to close then goes back up, it’s usually an issue with the garage door opener. 


Simple and doable garage door repairs could be the difference between keeping the problem from happening or spending more on a new garage door opener. Keep the functionality of your garage door opener by taking time to periodically check it for proper alignment, wiring, and settings. Do a bit of inspection on your own and lubricate with silicone if you notice that the moving components have a bit of friction.


  1. Check the Motherboard


Because garage door openers are automatic, they have a motherboard that acts as the system’s brain. And like any other machine or computer, years of constant use will bring errors and malfunctioning moments for your opener. 


It could even be getting rogue signals from elsewhere – sometimes, the neighbor’s garage door opener code might be similar to yours, and your garage door is getting the wrong instruction.


A worn-out motherboard is a very likely reason why your garage door closes then goes back up, so have a garage door service technician check it for you. You may need to replace it if the errors keep on happening. 


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