6 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Garage Door Repair

January 20, 2022by admin

Cost of Garage Door Repair 


Garage door repair is something that everyone who owns a garage has to deal with. No homeowner wants to see their garage doors malfunction, but it is a reality, especially with years of constant use and thousands of cycles. When there’s something a need for overhead garage door repair, it can be costly to fix – and because it’s a sudden expense, you might not be prepared for it.


Because costs could be unexpected, some homeowners choose to do DIY projects on their garage doors. But if you’re inexperienced in these types of jobs, it might be too risky financially and physically! On the one hand, it might seem wise because you avoid professional fees. But if something goes awry, you might damage your garage doors even more or injure yourself. 


And you’re also spending money for replacement parts anyway – so why not let garage door service professionals take care of installation and repairs? They are licensed and guaranteed to make the appropriate repairs to get your doors working again.


6 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Garage Door Repair


A single garage door repair can range from $70 to thousands of dollars, depending on the part that needs replacement or repair. If you want to avoid being caught off guard with overhead garage door repairs, here are six tips to help you save money on your next garage door repair: 


Save By Having Regular Garage Door Maintenance


Everything you own needs periodic maintenance, and garage doors are no different. They will perform much better and last longer if you invest in regular garage door maintenance. 


The frequency of tune-ups and garage door repairs would depend on how old the doors are. For instance, we recommend getting the service done every other year if you have a two-year-old model. And if you contract a trusted garage door service for all the work, they will offer a 26-point system that includes a thorough checking and adjustment of the doors.


Only Do What You Can


There’s no reason why you can’t learn the ins and outs of basic garage door maintenance. And if you have an older garage door system in place, a regular tune-up of at least once a year is recommended. But calling professional garage door repair techs does not mean you will neglect all upkeep.


It’s perfectly fine to engage in easy tasks that do not require specialized skills or tools. For example, if you have a bit of knowledge on lubrication, you can do this on your own. Make sure all hardware and moving parts, such as rollers, hinges, springs, etc. are correctly lubricated with a silicone-based product. Check also the weatherstripping – a bit of lubricant would also prolong its life.


Call for Professional Help for Technical Issues


Those who want to pinch pennies may be tempted to go at it on their own if there are technical issues with the garage door. With garage door opener repair especially, some homeowners may attempt to reprogram it if the door is freezing midway or if the movement is erratic. 


But we caution against that; you don’t want to make the problem bigger than it is. If you make a mistake with any DIY repair you could be looking at a bigger damage. And that means bigger costs! Garage door openers could set you back hundreds of dollars. Instead of keeping the old one and just paying for labor, you’ll have to spend for both if the opener needs to be replaced.


Don’t Wait Too Long to Seek Garage Door Repair


This is somewhat related to the abovementioned tips, albeit this is more about delaying what needs to be checked with your garage doors. Sometimes we like to wait and let minor problems just go away. 


And it’s no different with garage doors. That annoying noise may just be gone next week; or the uneven movement might fix itself if you just let it slide, right? Wrong. 


With garage doors, constant use would result in inevitable wear and tear. There will be minor issues cropping up, and to save money from more significant problems, you have to be on top of any minor troubles.


Invest in Good Quality Garage Doors


It is essential to find the right garage door for your house. A cheap quality one will require more repairs. At the same time, a good-quality product lasts longer. Stick to trusted brands, like Amarr Garage Doors. While you’ll pay a premium for quality, these models would eventually need less maintenance or attention to keep it running smoothly throughout its lifetime – especially if you live somewhere with harsh winters or changing climate. 


When deciding on new garage doors be sure that whatever type of material it’s made out of matches what kind of weather conditions prevail in your location. This can affect the longevity of your unit and you may need to be more mindful about repainting, replacing weatherstripping, and keeping the panels sturdy through the years. 


Call An Expert Garage Door Repair Company


Fixing a garage door is not an easy task. It requires experience, knowledge of the trade and most importantly: precision tools for tight spaces and specific issues. That’s why it pays to pay premium for professional garage door service. These technicians bring license, training, years of experience, and the proper warranty coverage to protect customers.


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