We Rank New Garage Doors According to Security!

February 3, 2022by admin

If you’re in the market for new garage doors, you may be considering how secure each option would be. And you are on the right track! According to stats, even though there have been fewer break-ins, burglaries are still happening in the US each day. And as high as 66% of burglaries happen in homes!


The general reason is security. Intruders would break into a less secure residential property than a more complex one in commercial places, complete with high-security locks and alarms. And when it comes to a home’s exterior, the garage doors will be a major entry option – sometimes more so than your home’s main door! 


We’ve seen videos on the Internet about how intruders can breach garage doors; using something as simple as a coat hanger, no less! Pulling the safety cord from the outside can open the garage door with little effort, and hardly anyone notices. Or they use brute force on worn-out garage doors, dismantling the lock from the outside.


New Garage Doors Ranked According to Security


New garage doors are undoubtedly eye-catching and boost your curb appeal, but you shouldn’t be basing your choice on aesthetics alone. Garage door installation should also involve the safety and security of your home! Of course, no garage door security system can be a hundred percent burglary proof, but you should consider what’s effective in most cases.


If you are considering which new garage doors to install in your home, these should be your non-negotiables:


  • Multi-point locking systems – garage doors are massive, and if there’s only one lock it could malfunction or be vulnerable to break-ins easily. Modern doors need at least two internal locks, if not more. 
  • Euro profile cylinder lock – this lock stops burglars from drilling open the main lock. 
  • Locking rods – sometimes used in place of cables to make the garage doors harder to bypass.


So in examining how secure are new garage doors, we’ll go over some of the pros and cons in popular styles. We’ll also discuss any garage door repair options or any possible adjustments or additions that can improve your garage door security system – even without replacing your garage doors. 


Roll-up Garage Doors


If we had to choose, roll-up garage doors are probably the best security-wise, in terms of styles of garage doors. It makes sense why most commercial properties use roll-up doors. These are made from durable steel that is hard to tamper with or break.


Roll-up garage doors have these even, horizontal slates that will fold up overhead when opened. It provides a sturdy facade that will not be very convenient to break into when closed. Plus, the cycling motion in this type of garage door is faster, leaving little opportunity for intruders to slide inside the garage unnoticed if you open the garage doors.


You can enhance your roll-up garage door security with certain features, such as having double-skinned garage doors, and keeping the bottom slat covered. These steps can add even more protection against unauthorized entry. 


Sectional Garage Doors 


Sectional garage doors are also a good choice when it comes to security. An intruder may think twice about breaking a well-installed sectional garage door because there’s simply no easy way of attempting forcible access. It’s more about how the panels are designed. The thick material and solidly-made panels make breaking in via drilling or brute force very hard to execute.


Sectional garage doors will deter most intruders, but there are easy techniques to improve the garage door security system. For example, adding a solid steel frame to your doors can keep the entire structure sturdy against forced entry. In addition, making sure that the door forms a tight seal when it is closed will leave no gaps between the sectioned panels. This means investing in garage door maintenance every so often to keep the integrity of the sectional garage doors. 


Automated Garage Doors 


Automated garage doors may be the best option if you want a solid garage door security system. These new garage doors use a motorized opener to open and close the door. And you as the owner can just control the garage doors with your wireless control. You can do it even while you are inside the car, or monitor your garage doors vicinity through remote access features.  


Aside from keeping the garage door operation secure, automated garage doors are also great because they no longer require an external locking mechanism. These are the point of entry that intruders usually attack, and without them thieves won’t have a direct way of intruding your garage doors. Basically, their absence becomes a deterrent.


Again, everything is automatic, so garage door cycles are streamlined, timed perfectly, and therefore more secure.


Side-Hinged Garage Doors


Among the styles of garage doors, side-hinged doors may be the least secure. Because a swinging motion opens from a meeting point between two sections of the door, you get a more traditional door opening mechanism – sort of like a typical door design. 


Side-hinged garage doors will be vulnerable to break-in attempts more so than roll-ups or automated garage doors. But you can still prevent it with specific features. For one, you have to choose a very sturdy material. Double-skinned metal panels are among the best options as it has a thick and robust facade. A strong steel frame is also essential. And don’t forget to install more than one lock. Side-hinged doors will benefit from multiple locking points that add much-needed security layers.


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