Want Budget Garage Door Installation? Here are 5 Ideas!

January 26, 2023by admin

Your garage door is the biggest mechanism in your house. It connects to the biggest space in the structure and is usually in the front view. It makes sense that you want your garage door to look beautiful yet be sturdy and strong. 

A garage door replacement is an expensive project, but having a good-looking and strong door will add up to the value of your property. The market is full of innovative garage door ideas that look amazing and last a long time. The only catch is that most of these are very expensive and out of budget for most people.

There are ways to save a lot of money on garage doors while making the replacement still satisfying. First, determine your budget and decide that you won’t spend more than you need to. Selecting the garage door that meets your basic functional needs can be a great way to save money while maximizing ROI. The best choice is to get the same garage door you previously had. But if you still want some changes, there are a few budget-friendly and effective options.

Budget Garage Door Installation

Before you choose your new garage door, do consider a few things. What kind of sliding mechanism you have will impact your decision. Every type of garage door has a different mechanism. If you want a completely different type of garage door, you will need to replace the whole kit, which will be a lot more expensive. Also, choose the style that complements your home design and structure. Also, don’t try to replace the door yourself. Please get a professional garage door repair service. So, here are some affordable garage door ideas.

Slide To The Side Garage Doors

These doors are one of the safest options but require a lot of space at the entrance. They don’t hang overhead but rest on a sliding platform. This platform can move manually or automatically with the right mechanism. They require the least maintenance but a proper schedule of oiling and cleaning the debris out of the slides is necessary. ( The cost could be between $700 to $1500 plus service charges)

Roll-Up Garage Doors

These doors work with an automatic opener. These doors look like a single large panel but consist of smaller panels connected by hinge brackets. The door opening mechanism pulls them overhead to open the garage and slides them down to close it. ( The cost could be between $400 to $1500 plus service charges)

Opt for Non-Insulated Garage Doors

These garage doors are the cheapest because they only consist of a sheet of steel or aluminum. This sheet is non-insulated and is vulnerable to rust. If you give it a good coat of quality paint, it will be resistant and last longer. This can be a good option if your garage is separate from the house and doesn’t need insulation. ( The cost could be between $550 to $650 plus service charges).

Call Us for New Garage Doors

These options are more affordable, but the prices mentioned will still be subjected to changes in market value. Additionally, these charges don’t include service charges and door opener prices. 

It is recommended to get the same garage door as you previously had. This saves up a lot of hassle and expense from changing the sliding mechanism. Still, the above-mentioned are some affordable garage door design ideas that are great to use and affordable to install. Talk to our licensed garage door maintenance technicians to get an accurate quote for your doors.


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