5 Common Garage Door Keypad Problems and How to Fix Them

January 19, 2023by admin

What makes garage doors super convenient nowadays is the push-button keypad control feature. A keypad enables you to operate the garage without needing keys or a remote. Aside from the hassle-free control, a keypad secures your residential garage doors, because only those with the code can enter via the overhead garage doors. 


However, if your garage door keypad gets faulty or won’t work properly, it will cause some issues. Not only will if affect your garage door security, you’ll have a harder time opening or closing the door daily. Since residential garage doors are used a couple of times a day, this will be a significant inconvenience for your family.


5 Garage Door Keypad Problems 


Whether you have a manual or wireless garage door keypad, each type could inevitably have some problems later. When you’re unable to enter after you enter the code, don’t panic. Learn about these common reasons why your garage door keypad might not be working properly: 


Wrong Pin Code


It may sound too simple, but many homeowners still make the mistake of inputting the wrong garage door keypad code – either the wrong sequence or having the incorrect code entirely. You must remember that if you input the wrong code several times in succession, it could lock the keypad. You will have to reset the pin, or reboot the entire system. If you’re not at all confident about doing these resets, call an emergency garage door technician.


Dead Batteries on the Keypad


Your automatic garage door keypad operates with batteries, but with busy routines keeping batteries fresh can easily be forgotten. Check your keypad’s batteries if the control stops working; something as simple as replacing them might be what solves the issue. If it’s not the cause, then you’ll have to check other avenues.


Broken or Damaged Wires


Another potential reason for faulty keypad is the wires. Garage door control wires can be a potential cause of malfunction in equipment over time, but external elements like weather exposure may also contribute to their degradation. If replacing the batteries doesn’t fix your problem it might be worth evaluating if there is an interruption between the wire and keys as this could indicate damaged wiring.


Check by removing the keypad’s back cover. If there are gnarly or worn wires, then these are the likely cause of the problem. Call a professional garage door opener repair team to get your control to work again.


Connection Issues


Even if your keypad is still working, there may be connection signal issues within the wiring. Try typing in random 4 digits not necessarily present in your code. If you’re able to input these digits, but are having trouble with inputting your code, then the keys could be too worn out. 


Clean the keypad to make sure they’re free from debris, and adjust any loosened buttons. If the keys are already too sticky, maybe it’s time to replace the keypad. If these doesn’t solve the issue, you’ll need a new keypad from a garage door maintenance company.


Code Itself Is Faulty


You’ll notice that your code is malfunctioning (even if you input the correct one) if you can close the garage door but have trouble opening it via the control code. Sometimes, you’ll need to reprogram the code when replacing the batteries. This can easily solve the issue. Other times, older keypads may not jive with a new code. Check the manual for reprogramming steps, or ask for a professional garage door opener repairman if you’re unsure what to do.


Keypad is Too Old


Again, the issue may lie solely on the keypad, affecting the input code. With continuous usage, old keypad buttons can become loose and malfunction. If the problem persists even after cleaning the buttons, you’ll need a new keypad. 

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