Two Single-Doors or Double Garage Doors? (How to Decide!)

December 23, 2021by admin

Planning for new garage doors is exciting; you’ll get a chance to revamp the exterior look of your home. And having a double garage door seems a great option even if you only have one vehicle at the moment – there’s added space to work on in the garage. Of course, there are also advantages to having two single garage doors instead.


The question is, which one is the best setup for you? Since two single doors and 2-car garage doors can both look great on your property, you have to consider their particular characteristics in order to know certain advantages and drawbacks for your home. 


Two Single-Doors or Double Garage Doors?


It’s best if you weigh some key factors to consider that apply to your specific setup. This way, you can determine which type of new garage door to get for your home. We’ve outlined them here:


Number of cars


If you have more than one car, or you tend to have a busy household where going in and out the garage occurs several times a day at different times, then you may benefit more from double garage doors. How wide are double garage doors? According to Clopay Door, the average measurement for both single and double garage doors goes:


  • 8 feet wide by 7 feet tall, or 9 feet wide by 7 feet tall for a single car garage door
  • 16 feet by 7 feet for a double garage door


The extra space and mobility keep everything from getting too hectic in the garage. Two single garage doors can be harder to operate simultaneously.


And when it comes to functionality, there’s also a big plus investing in a 2 car garage door. Those who plan to sell the home in the future can attract more prospective homebuyers because you wouldn’t know who has just one car and who will have two or more cars. A double garage door will satisfy both types of buyers.


Potential breakdowns


The biggest advantage of installing two single garage doors is that you can still operate the other if one door malfunctions. If you’ve had garage doors wearing out in the past, chances are you don’t want to leave any room for that to happen again and affect your hectic lifestyle. 


A 2-car garage door that’s broken will have to be repaired right away, while separate garage doors can still get you in and out of the house even if one garage door fails to work.


Budget for new garage doors


Price is another huge factor. After all, if the price is too steep, you wouldn’t really enjoy the benefits as you’ll be bogged down by the installation and maintenance costs.


The cost for two single and double garage doors is almost similar, but for maintenance, it could be more costly if you have two separate doors because that includes two openers. 


Maintenance work and cost


Whatever new garage doors you get, both systems will still require preventative maintenance to keep them in good condition. Maintenance work comprises lubricating mechanical parts, adjusting and tightening screws and springs, checking the weather seal, and cleaning the debris off the panels and the moving pieces.  


There’s more maintenance work involved with two single garage doors because they have separate parts. Of course, if you’re ready and able, there’s no problem with that.  



How to Decide: Two Single Garage Doors vs. Double Garage Doors

Now let’s outline some of the key advantages and disadvantages for these two setups:


Two Single Garage Doors


  • Symmetry: Having two identical garage doors gives a very symmetrical look for your garage – all without needing any customization for the fit and width of your space. Two single garage doors are easier to figure out in measurement because they are the standard sizing.
  • Controlled exposure: If you operate two single doors, you don’t need to expose the entire room to outside elements. You can just open one side, thus controlling the draft coming in and the privacy. This feature helps you save on energy bills in the long run. 
  • Backup plan: Two single garage doors means you still have one more garage door to control if the other suddenly malfunctions. If one of the doors stops working, there’s still room to maneuver your car out of the garage.



  • Smaller space for cars: Single garage doors may not give the necessary space for larger vehicles; you’ll need to maneuver much more carefully.
  • Double everything: Two single garage doors include two openers, two springs, and so forth. These will entail double maintenance effort and costs for you.
  • Pricier opener: Two single garage doors will run you a much higher cost if you decide on automatic garage door openers. 


2-Car Garage Door


  • Cohesive look: Double garage doors look more modern, so if you want a more updated look this is the way to go.
  • Effortless Mobility: Having double doors means you can open the entire garage wide, so it’s more spacious when you’re moving vehicles, other equipment, or if there’s a family member with mobility issues.
  • Easier controls: You’ll need two remote controls for two single doors, which can be fussy if you have a busy household. A double garage door will make things more straightforward. 
  • Costs less: There are slight cost differences, but having 2-car garage doors will of course, entail less overhead cost with one opener and one set of mechanisms. Also, the installation costs and general repairs will potentially be lower.



  • Jamming: There are more frequent issues with jamming doors due to the design of the 2-car garage door. That’s one big thing to consider if you plan to have these as your new garage doors.
  • No alternative: There will come a time when the double garage doors will malfunction, and if that happens, you won’t have an alternative door to operate. You’ll need to call your trusted garage door repair team to help you immediately. 
  • More exposure: If you prefer privacy, you’ll have less of that with double doors – every cycle will open the entire room to the outside elements. 


Consult With Us For Your New Garage Doors


Whatever type of new garage door you’re leaning towards, keep in mind these considerations. There’s no right or wrong choice for single doors or double garage doors – it’s all about what you and your family needs. We hope that these pros and cons will help you arrive at your decision.

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