10 Garage Door Replacement Cost and Considerations!

December 30, 2021by admin

A new garage door is a defining feature of any home. Having the right one will help personalize your property and make it more valuable. But if you don’t have the time or expertise in installations, there are ways to approximate garage door replacement cost and how the new garage doors will impact your budget. 


Replacing an old unit in place of something new can provide much-needed curb appeal, and at the same time, increase your home’s resale value. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! And if there are any nagging issues with how the garage door moves, how it sounds, or any part that’s worn out, a new garage door installation can alleviate all the annoying things you have with an old unit. 


Garage Door Replacement Cost: Your Top 10 Considerations 


There are different factors to think about when budgeting for your new overhead garage doors. Of course, the overall price will vary as garage door service teams personalize each project according to the size, labor requirements, and any electrical or structural change. Here are a few key ones to take note of:


Removal and Disposal of Old Garage Door: This is usually included in your installation quote. This will run about $25-$100 if you consult a garage door service company.


Garage Doorway Resizing: Getting wider or taller garage doors would entail more costs as they would require structural changes to your garage door opening and roof support. The custom work could range from $500 to $5,000 – again, depending on how significant they will be and how long your garage door repair team will have to work on these changes. 


New Garage Door Size: Garage doors can come at single or double-type doors. Each one has its pros and cons, and it will depend on your needs. For example, do you need to house and move several cars? Or do you want a portion of the garage to have a bit of privacy when you’re maneuvering the vehicle?


A single-car garage door usually costs around $500-$2,500 depending on materials, brand, specs. For double garage doors, it will run about $750-$4,000.


And for a three-car garage, it will be a more reasonable rate to bunch the two replacements together – running around $1,300-$6,400.


New Hardware: Hardware is one of the components that will wear out fast in a frequently used garage door, so having new springs, bolts, rollers, and hinges will be part of your budget. Your professional garage door service will include this expense on the estimate, and it usually costs about $50-$350. 


New Materials: By materials, we mean what type of garage door material the panel is made of. Steel or aluminum garage doors can run you lower costs, but if you want a more premium material like wood, you’ll be spending more.


Location: If you live in a higher-income neighborhood or district, anticipate that the higher costs would also translate to your garage door installation estimates. It could mean from a few dollars to a few hundred.  


Manual vs. Automatic Garage Door: If you’re planning to upgrade your existing garage doors, it makes sense to have an automatic one installed. But there is a marked difference in the cost (and capacity, of course) between the two. A manual garage door can run from $600-$2,150, but if you prefer an automatic garage door, you’ll be adding around $250-$1,500.    


But even with the price difference, it’s still worth it to get an automatic garage door opener that connects to a remote. That way, you can open the doors with just a click of the button.


Labor Costs: Garage door installation done by experts will run you about $200 to $500 per garage door – this is solely labor, excluding any materials utilized or replaced.


Garage Door Insulation: Insulation is another crucial part of any decent garage door, as it can protect your garage area and at the same time save you energy consumption in the long run. 


If you can DIY, there are available insulating materials in hardware stores that provide low to moderate R-value ($50-$100), such as fiberglass and reflective kits. Higher quality options include polystyrene (around $100-$200) and polyurethane ($200-$500) – these offer better R-value rating, sound minimizing, and structural integrity.


But if DIY isn’t for you, you can lump this insulation factor into your new garage door installation costs. Garage door repair techs can place the insulation and cost you around $50-$500. Another option is to opt for insulated garage doors that cost about $200-$600 more than non-insulated doors. 


Garage Door Brand Choice: A few brands have proven their worth when it comes to garage doors, and each one has certain specialties.  


Clopay is another popular brand that provides durable and quality door options. For instance, Clopay Doors offers the best customizable residential and commercial garage doors options. If you are after custom garage doors, this is your best brand. Meanwhile, Amarr brand doors are known for their eco-friendly, recycled options that are also relatively affordable. 


Like any other product, each brand will have its perks and drawbacks. Therefore, it’s best if you have a trusted local garage door company to consult about your new garage door. They may have an ongoing partnership with a specific brand that can give a discounted quote.


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