New Garage Door Style Guide for Brand New Homeowners!

November 25, 2022by admin

Are you a new homeowner? Congratulations! It’s an exciting time designing and giving your new place that personal touch. The garage is one of the main parts of the home you could start refurbishing. New garage doors take up as much as half of your home’s entire facade, significantly impacting how the house looks.


Choosing a brand new garage door can add so much value and functionality to your home. So how do you go about this entire process? Don’t worry, we got you covered. We’ll discuss in this article the five style guidelines you’d want to consider when getting custom garage doors, or just choosing a standard new unit for your latest property.


Complement Your Architecture


It sounds like a no-brainer, but many homeowners still make the mistake of choosing new garage door that’s too out there. The logic is that it’s supposed to stand out, right? But it should not stand out too much. If the garage door does not jive with the architectural style of the house, it will look confusing.


For example, if you have an old world, cottage-style home, a netural-colored vinyl garage door could suit the design. An ultra-modern glass paneled unit may not. Even better would be some rich, carriage-style garage doors! Oppositely, you wouldn’t want to install a carriage-style door to a contemporary, minimalist home. It wouldn’t make sense.


Garage door details also matter. Panel windows, window configuration, color, and texture all make for an aesthetic that should complement your purchased home. When in doubt, consult with a garage door service company that can lay out your options.


Maximize Impact Through Repetition


A home’s garage door can bring in as much as 97.5% ROI because it is both a functional entryway and a design feature in any property. One excellent technique to make your garage door look stunning is to pick a pattern and shape and stick with it. 


Repeat rectangular patterns and panels (if that’s your preference), insert curved shapes or place additional hardware and other ornamental pieces on the doors to create a cohesive look. Repeating the pattern makes the property look so much cleaner and more prominent.


Balance the Color and Style


Nothing is as big of an eyesore as competing design elements. It’s true in fashion, and it’s also true in garage door installation!


Your garage door color, style, materials, and size should complement the home, not overpower it. For instance, a solid wooden garage door may look too intimidating if your house leans more on natural, rustic accents. Or if you pick a really vibrant blue vinyl garage door, it may detract from the clean design of a minimalist home. 


Some homeowners also use multiple colors on the garage doors. There’s nothing wrong with using various colors, but keeping it to just two tonal shades is better overall. Take a page from the house’s tones as well. If the garage door clashes with the home’s color, style, and other features, it will not be as flattering.


Remember, the garage door is a part of the home; hence it should stay balanced and harmonious to the entire property and not be too striking against it.


Don’t Skimp on Accents


Yes, new homeowners have a lot of expenses on their plates. But trust us, installing functional and flattering garage door accents can redefine your exterior. Even with a simple landscape, if your garage door has the perfect design, color, lighting, and accessories, it’s a big win.


Lighting accents are so beautiful with traditional style doors and will give the exterior a polished look. Some considerations include adding recessed panels and a light color to trim along them, incorporating windows on select panes, and using contrasting colors that can highlight the door’s design elements. Moreover, consider adding decorative lighting on either side of the garage door, or if you have multiple doors, along each division. 


Talk to Us About Garage Door Installation


Owning a home nowadays is a privilege. It’s an exciting prospect that will require a continued interest in enhancing different areas and elements as you go along. The garage space is a great place to start. Installing brand new garage doors makes your day-to-day more convenient and secure and impacts the home’s design.


Your new garage door should highlight your taste and style. But keep in mind that the home’s existing architectural style and details should match or at the very least, complement with the new garage door. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out Amarr garage door options for residential properties. You could start visualizing how certain materials, colors, and styles will look in your home. 


Our garage door installation service is here for recommendations as well as expert garage door repair. We have been in the business for years, and we have the tools and knowhow to transform the look of your home. Talk to our representative today for a free estimate!


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