7 Ways to Prepare for Garage Door Maintenance

December 2, 2022by admin

Garage door maintenance involves periodic organizing and ensuring that the garage door is in proper condition. 


But here’s the thing: organizing the garage is always something that’s either exciting or dreadful for you. And it’s understandable because it’s such a big task. Most of our garages store a hodgepodge of stuff – from cars, toys, cleaning, and sports equipment, to all kinds of home supplies. And these are packed all in one space!


Garage door maintenance involves having the important zoning in your space well-kept, and also having the garage door checked by professionals. It’s worth the yearly investment, because you’re making sure that the garage door works properly and is secure. You don’t want a broken cable or a loose spring to risk how the door cycles – the heavy set doors could crash down if these parts go awry. 


To jump start organizing and preparing for garage door maintenance, here are 7 useful tips for busy homeowners like you:


Have the Right Tools Handy


Before even starting, you’ll need the basic cleanup supplies. Make sure you have:


  • heavy-duty trash bags and cans
  • a broom
  • vacuum cleaner
  • basic cleaning supplies (you could go all natural if you want)
  • a bin or two (for collecting throwaways and items for donation)
  • wipes or recycled cloth scraps


These are part of your arsenal to get things moving. If you enter the garage door with just a broom and a bin, chances are you’ll throw out more than what you actually would like to. And later on, you’ll regret throwing that old tablecloth because you need it now. Garage cleanup doesn’t mean clearing everything. Instead, organizing your things will enable you to use them on the right occasions.   


Schedule the Garage Door Maintenance


A lot of times, cleaning and organization become frustrating because you don’t plan for it well. You find that the time goes by too quickly, and there’s only one corner of the garage that’s well set up! Where did the whole Saturday go? 


If you can, designate the time for different activities involved in a garage organization. Make sure your family members are also available at this time. You wouldn’t want to be left alone moving heavy furniture about.


You’d also want at least two hours of time dedicated to a professional garage door repair team. They will do a thorough check of the overhead door, just to make sure any niggling problems (e.g. noise, worn parts, signal glitches) are taken care of.


Start Cleaning


Once you’ve cleared out the entire garage or specific portions of it, do a thorough cleaning. Make sure cobwebs, oil or chemical stains, and accumulated dirt and debris on the floor are gone. You may also want to check on your lights and do replacements if necessary. You could connect with municipal sanitation if you have a lot of bulky trash to dispose of. And if there’s any significant damage to your garage door, consider contacting a garage door repair company to fix it.


As for your items, you can sort them into these categories: toss, keep, and donate. This process can help you realize any duplicate items, any damaged items you can no longer use, and any items that may benefit someone else more if you donate them. Not sure what to do about an item? Ask yourself when was the last time you actually used it.


Tackle the Garage by Zones


In any organizing activity, it helps to categorize. In the case of a garage cleanup, start with the basic four zones. This can vary depending on what you’re actually keeping in your garage. But according to experts, you can begin with these common zones:

  • Car supplies
  • Sports equipment
  • Tools
  • Crafts or recycling zone


Start placing your things in these dedicated zones and arrange them in a way that you can easily access them. And this is the time that you can maximize the vertical space. For example, many tools can be hung up. Sharp and dangerous tools should generally be out of reach, especially if you have kids, but also not too high that they could fall if you retrieve them. And if you live in a cooler climate and will eventually store your patio furniture inside, you may want to consider setting aside a space for that.


Go Green


Organizing your garage will inevitably lead to throwing away a lot of items. However, you can still be environmentally conscious by reusing or recycling things you already have. For instance, you can create containers out of old glass jars. This makes it easier to sort and label small items. Aside from jars, you can create hangers from old metal rakes, metal pipes, and other recyclable materials.   


Maintain It


The last step is the most enduring – keeping the organized scheme by working on it periodically. Whether you need to do this weekly, monthly, or seasonally depends on how busy your garage routine is. And don’t forget to call a professional company for garage door services. DIY may not cut it. It’s best to rely on experts to keep your doors in good shape.


Call A Professional Garage Door Repair Team


Maintaining the entire garage, including the garage door system, is a smart investment for all homeowners. You can expect lower overall costs (and fewer headaches, too) if your garage is well organized and clean.


If you’re looking for garage door repair specialists, we are here to help. Our garage door maintenance and emergency services are available 24/7. We offer the best quality products and workmanship, perfect for busy homeowners. Get in touch with us today to get started.


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