How to Choose A Garage Door Opener!

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Garage Door Opener Installation


A high-quality garage door opener makes your garage door safe and convenient to use. Nothing beats having to go in and out of the garage in a smooth, hassle-free way. Automatic garage door opener installation allows you to operate the garage doors from your smart device or via remote – without having to leave your car!


Upgrading to a new garage door opener is essential for a number of reasons. One is when the garage door opener stops working. You cannot go back to a manual wielding of garage doors, as it’s too much of a hassle to do at least twice a day. 


Another reason is when a homeowner wants to reduce the noise that a garage door opener makes when it opens and closes. Old garage door opener tends to struggle more with the door’s weight, and create more noise as the doors cycle. If your garage door is located near a bedroom, or if it could bother neighbors, it’s time to replace the garage door opener.


When it is time to replace the garage door opener, what choices and considerations should a homeowner make?  This article will provide good information to help any homeowner make the right choice.


Garage Door Opener Drive


The first consideration is to decide what type of “drive” a homeowner would like to use for their garage door opener.  There are five drive options available for a garage door opener.


Chain Drive

A chain drive uses a metal chain on a sprocket that drives a trolly to raise and lower the garage door.  This is the most common type and most economical choice, but it is noisier and creates more vibration than other drives. This can be problematic if the garage door is under a bedroom.  Chain drive garage door openers work best for oversized or one-piece wood doors and heavily insulated doors.


Screw Drive

A screw drive garage door opener uses a long, threaded metal rod that turns like a screw to open and close the garage door.  It has fewer moving parts, so it is very reliable.  It is also quieter and faster than a chain drive garage door opener but does require more maintenance.  The screw must be lubricated every few months to prevent excessive wear on the plastic teeth used to catch the treading.  This type of garage door opener is more expensive than most to maintain.


Belt Drive

A belt drive garage door opener uses a belt (made from rubber or similar material) to drive a trolley and open and close the garage door.  With no metal parts to make noises, it is the quietest option available in the market. It also has fewer moving parts, so it provides durability with minimal maintenance.


Direct Drive

A direct drive garage door opener is similar to a chain drive yet has the advantages of the quiet operation of a belt drive garage door opener.  It runs on an overhead rail, but the motor moves along the track instead of the chain.  This type of garage door opener is very durable and requires little maintenance.  Though more expensive, many leading brands offer lifetime warranties to offset the price.



A jackshaft garage door opener is attached to the front wall of the garage door instead of using an overhead track.  This type of garage door opener is beneficial for garages with little or no headroom.  Cables are attached to the garage door while the pulleys and a rolling torsion bar act to raise and lower the garage door.  A computerized system automatically locks the garage door with a deadbolt for added safety.  This type of garage door opener is the most expensive option but works best for more confined garage door spaces.


Different Horsepower Options


In addition to determining which garage door opener drive a homeowner will want, the next consideration is the horsepower offered and the lifting power of each.


1/2 HP

A 1/2 horsepower garage door opener is the standard and most common choice for its economic advantages.  It’s powerful enough for most door types, but it does wear faster with heavier, one-piece wooden doors and extra-insulated doors.


3/4 HP

A 3/4 horsepower garage door opener has the extra power to make it more durable and is capable of lifting heavier doors like a one-piece wooden door and an extra-insulated door.  A homeowner will spend more on the extra horsepower.


1 HP

A 1 horsepower garage door opener is the top-of-the-line option that maximizes power and efficiency.  This heavy-duty motor will handle the heaviest doors very easily.  While the price is higher for this type of motor, it is the best option with heavier garage doors that require extra lifting.


Garage Door Opener Installation


Every garage door opener installation will be simple enough for a professional team, but there are a few things to consider before purchasing a new garage door opener. The size of the garage, the type of garage door, and the budget will all play a role in selecting the perfect garage door opener.


Your garage area’s size is also an important consideration when choosing a garage door opener. If the garage is large, a powerful opener may be necessary. A smaller garage may not need as much power, and a less expensive model may be sufficient. And if you have a two-car garage, you may opt for having two separate openers. That way, you have a backup garage door that still works even if one opener suddenly breaks down.


The type of garage door is also an important consideration when choosing an opener. A heavier door made of wood will require a more powerful opener, while a lighter door made of aluminum can be opened with a less powerful model.


Finally, the budget will also play a role in choosing the garage door opener. A more expensive model may have features that are not necessary, while a less expensive model may be sufficient for the needs of the garage.


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