Garage Ventilation Options You’d Want for Summer!

May 20, 2022by admin

Garages are mainstays in our homes. This is where we store much of our stuff, park our vehicles, become our hobby station, and even become the venue for a successful startup on more than one occasion! 


Because garages are multi-functional, it has to be a pleasant area to be in. Garage door ventilation is one huge factor in keeping the garage nice and comfy. But more often than not, garage doors don’t really have windows. Or if they do, there’s only one window that doesn’t promote enough circulation!


Why Garage Ventilation Is Important


While we don’t expect garages to be like an airy garden, we can’t stress how important proper ventilation is. Here are just a few reasons why:


Eliminating Odors


Musty shoes, sweaty sports gear, stored chemicals, not to mention DIY materials like paint and wood – these all emit odors. Without proper air circulation around the garage area, your nose is gonna have a bad time!


Making sure there’s enough fresh air coming in to balance out the different fumes and odors can keep the garage area pleasant enough to stay in.


Preventing Dust 


Did you know that we inhale microplastics in house dust? Sadly, this is a fact, and it’s worrying that plastic particles get into our respiratory system. Experts recommend that proper ventilation is one way to keep microplastics from settling into dust and being inhaled when we’re in close proximity. 


Proper ventilation is vital, especially if you have immuno-compromised family members or young children who often go in the garage.


Minimizing Moisture


Air circulation also helps reduce condensation on your various garage stuff and, more importantly, on the floor! Condensation occurs when the warm air inside the garage interacts with the cool garage floor – much like a dewy morning in a grassy area. 


Moisture buildup could cause the garage floors to get wet and slippery – a big no-no for obvious safety reasons. So keeping the garage ventilated reduces the likelihood of condensation happening.


Garage Ventilation Options You’d Want for Summer


There are several ways to keep your garage odor-proof and well-ventilated. You can either bring in appliances or get some garage door ventilation upgrades. Here are some ideas we recommend:


Add Garage Door Window Inserts


Not all garages have windows, and we’d like to change that! Garage door windows can let the fresh air in without you having to open the garage doors. And aside from air, windows let natural light in, bringing a more illuminated area for your garage.


There are window insert options available at garage door repair companies, check with your local contractor about the best options. Take note though, that having just one window won’t usually cut it. You could need several windows to circulate the air properly.


Place Garage Door Vents


You’re not limited to windows when it comes to garage door ventilation options; you could also consider drilling garage door vents on your door. This is a simple option to let some of the air come in at the top and bottom sides of the garage. The bottom vents will allow the air in while hot air rises and exits through the top vents. 


Two advantages of garage door vents are that they cost nothing in running expenses and are easy to add to your garage doors. But the downside with garage door vents is that they could take away from the whole curb appeal aspect of your garage doors. 


Install A Garage Door Screen


Garage door screens can solve your air circulation concerns and at the same time, keep the pests and larger debris away from your garage. Garage door screens are made of fiberglass or other material finely weaved to make a thin layer that can let air in while keeping everything else out.


Aside from that, garage door screens could also prove beneficial if you have more oversized garage doors. Vents are usually meant for smaller-scale garage doors, as they are rather tiny in size. But if you have a whole sheer screen on your garage doors, you could essentially open the doors full-on while still enjoying some privacy inside the area.


Get an Air Conditioner 


Another simple option is to place a window air conditioner in the garage. While it’s convenient to ventilate your garage, an air conditioner will have limited effect if you have a wide, spacious garage. 


And in addition, you’ll be incurring additional running costs with this, as your monthly power bill will increase. But again, it’s very easy to set up once you have a hole in the wall perfectly sized for the air conditioner to be situated.


Install Exhaust Fans


Another affordable and straightforward way to improve ventilation is through exhaust fans. There is no need to be too fancy; even the same type of exhaust fan you have in your bathroom will do if you have a small garage. Meanwhile, more oversized garages will work best with attic-type exhaust fans installed in the ceiling. 


Best Garage Ventilation Options Here


Keeping your garage well-ventilated doesn’t have to be a complicated thing. As long as the option works for your space, you can have good circulation inside the garage. Get the best garage ventilation options with us. Our garage door repair company won’t leave your garage susceptible to moisture and musty odors. We specialize in customized upgrades and garage door maintenance, so you can keep your area cool and comfy. Get in touch with us today to learn more!


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