5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Garage Door Tracks

May 13, 2022by admin

When it comes to garage doors, regular maintenance could rack up hundreds of dollars – garage door track alignment, garage door opener repair, and spring replacements are just a few of these critical fixes. 


Because your garage doors have many electronic and mechanical parts, some of these parts will eventually falter or break. So consumers would want to know how to save a few extra bucks with garage door repairs. For instance, if you can repair a part instead of replacing it, that’s already an opportunity to lower costs.


Should I Replace Garage Door Tracks?


In the case of garage door tracks, can you keep the existing one even if you get new garage doors? The answer is: generally, no. It’s going to be safer to update both your tracks and your doors if you’re undertaking a project. 


Here are our top reasons why you should replace garage door tracks when updating your garage doors:


1. Tracks are fitted to specific garage door types


Even if you’re installing a new garage door from the SAME manufacturer, garage door tracks could differ in measurements and specs. That’s because tracks don’t have standard sizing across brands. All rails are actually customized to your doors. So unless you’re going for the same dimensions, door material, weight, and size, you should automatically figure new tracks in your budget. 


You can discuss the gauge weights, spring, rollers, and track specs with your garage door repair company. This ensures all proper fitting for the rail system, which is so essential when cycling heavy doors several times a day.


2. Garage door tracks could wear out


Garage door tracks last a long time, but several signs point to them getting too worn out to be even safe to use. Even with regular maintenance, tracks can’t last forever. 


Garage door tracks may last around 10 to 15 years on average, before they need to be overhauled. And if you’re in an area with all four seasons occurring in a year, their longevity could even be shorter. Watch out for these signs. These will indicate that it’s time to replace your garage door tracks:


Your garage door keeps getting stuck without any problems on the opener and sensor

The door stalls when opening or closing

Rattling and squeaking noise when in a cycle

The track is visibly out of alignment


Again, it’s best to contact garage door repair professionals for track repair or replacement. They have the safety tools and expertise to fix the part.


3. You could void the warranty


While new garage doors look great, it’s important to also focus on their longevity. And usually, the policy with new doors and tracks is that they both should be installed new to make the warranty stand. 


Garage door manufacturers may render the warranty null and void if your tracks are old. Again, this has to do with how the tracks are specific to each garage door type and dimension. They’re also keeping their bases covered in case your existing garage door tracks do not fit the newly installed doors.


As a homeowner, it’s always better to grab the opportunity to replace existing tracks and keep the warranty intact.


4. Adding windows or panels changes the track specs


If you decide to add panels or place windows on your new garage door, the rails should accommodate the counterbalancing factor of the new design. So for instance, if you prefer big window inserts, you’ll need additional panels to offset and balance the counterweight on the rails. Any changes on the doors themselves means the alignment on the garage door tracks need adjusting as well. Trying to keep the old tracks will cause improper alignment and cause damage further down the road.


5. Old garage door tracks could affect the appearance


Yes, you want to save and don’t really care much for how the door looks; but you actually should! Garage doors have over 95% ROI for your property’s value. It’s one of the most beneficial home improvement work you can have, so why not get rid of old tracks when undertaking the project?  


Old garage door tracks will stand out because of the rust and dull metal glares opposite your new panels. With an unsightly garage door track, you end up not maximizing the beauty of the new garage doors.


Replace Garage Door Tracks Here

Garage door tracks play a big role in keeping your doors balanced and secure in each cycle. So it’s essential to repair or replace garage door tracks when necessary. If you need help with maintenance work or if you are in the market to get new garage doors and new tracks along with it, call our garage door installation experts. We have a wide array of product options to satisfy your custom needs. Our technicians will also handle garage door repair for your home. Call us today and let our customer service team assist you!


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