Garage Door Repair or New Garage Doors? How to Decide!

April 7, 2022by admin

For most of us in our homes or apartments, garages have become more than a place to store the vehicle and other equipment – they have become a big part of the home. In fact, garage doors often serve as the main door of the house!


And homeowners understand this all too well. According to statistics, as high as 80% of home buyers factor in the garage when looking at properties. And according to another survey, 52% of homeowners want a garage that will top the rest in their neighborhood.


Garage doors make up a chunk of the garage room’s functionality and aesthetic. And if it operates 1,500 times a year on average, garage door repairs shouldn’t be neglected! After all, these doors serve as main entry and exit points.


Granted, new garage doors will cost a lot more than simple repairs, but in the long run, you may save a lot if you go strategic in planning repairs or buying new garage doors. But how do you know if you need garage door repair or new garage doors? Here are some things to consider that can help you decide.


Garage Doors’ Age


We’re lucky that garage doors are built to stand the test of time – some last up to 30 years with proper upkeep! 


If you have doors around 15 to 20 years old, consider getting new garage doors instead. An older model will likely need replacement sooner than later. If you have the budget and time now, you could get on with this home improvement project. 


There’s little point in investing repairs for something that doesn’t have much more life left. Not just because of durability issues either, but some worn mechanical parts could just give out. And on the style aspect, you may also want the updated look that matches better with your home.


Condition of Garage Door Panels


If one or two panels suffer some dents or cracks, it’s easier to call for a garage door repair technician and replace these panels. But if multiple panels are too worn out, cracked, and have rotting, you should consider getting new garage doors.


Cracks in the garage door are more than just an eyesore. They can lead to structural damage and even put too much stress on your garage door motor. Uneven panels can also impact the garage framework, which could cause it to fail if the external elements become too harsh. Lastly, there may also be infestation if panels get rotten and cracked – who wants that?! That’ll cost extra in extermination costs if left to get worse. 


The sooner you get new panels installed, the more you can keep future problems at bay. 


Weight of the Garage Doors


With constant use, the doors may feel heavier than usual. This could indicate that the springs and the motor are struggling to lift and control the door’s movements. 


Check your doors in manual mode. If the cycle begins to feel heavier than it usually is, there might be repairs needed for the springs. In this case, garage door spring repair is a fairly straightforward job for technicians. You don’t need to invest in new garage doors, but make sure to take care of the problem immediately. Spring issues generally need to be dealt with asap to avoid any serious damage.


Aside from heaviness, sometimes old garage doors also sag or get crooked when moving down. This could also be attributed to issues on the springs. Make sure garage door repair pros check them to get the necessary fix.


Garage Door’s Daily Functionality


There will be moments when your garage door will suddenly stop working, won’t move even if you press the control, and other issues. But don’t panic; because garage doors have a lot of parts, this is inevitable; it doesn’t really require immediate replacement of your old doors. 


Check with your garage door repair company if there’s an issue with the motor, snapped cables, faulty sensors, or a broken spring. They can diagnose and fix these issues right away.


But if your garage doors produces too much shaking, too much noise, and looks unstable with every use, it’s time for a brand new garage door. Too much wear in the bearings, uneven tension and weakened frame mean it’s too risky to keep on using the doors – they have reached their lifespan end, so to speak.


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Investing in garage doors is never a bad thing. In fact, it will always be worth your money, as it can elevate the home’s value. Spending on either garage door repairs or opting for new garage door installation can improve your day-to-day life as well! 

Whether you need garage door maintenance on your spring or opener, or you feel it’s time to invest in new garage doors – our team can assist you. Get in touch with us to inquire about your next project!


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