5 Most Common Commercial Garage Door Repairs to Know!

March 31, 2022by admin

Commercial garage doors are an essential part of any business. Not only do they keep your supplies safe and sound, but their design adds a touch to the office or restaurant that sets it apart from others around the area. Style, size, material, and security features in commercial garage doors can vary depending on the industry you are in. But whatever business it is, whether you have a retail store, a warehouse, a storage facility, a large-scale production area – commercial garage doors will figure to your business’s bottom line.


Commercial Garage Door Repairs 


So when something goes wrong with your commercial garage doors, everything else in your business can be affected. If they break down, get stuck, or slam down, you’ll risk significant damage or physical injuries.


If anything goes amiss with your commercial garage doors, it’s important to call a reliable garage door service. Of course, it’s also useful to watch out for certain problems to know what to expect in terms of repairs and the cost.


Here are some of the most common commercial garage door repairs that you’ll encounter and what to do about them.


1. Damaged Track


Commercial garage doors run on a metal track. The track supports the entire weight of the rollup or overhead doors each time you open or close it. That’s a constant bearing of heavy doors – and if you’re operating the garage door every day – even several times per day, regular use can wear the tracks out. The tracks could get misaligned or form some rust over a period of time. And any change or wear on your garage door track can lead to problems with the garage door’s movements, struggling during opening and closing motions.


To check if your garage door has a damaged track, see if there are gaps between the rail and the rollers. Check also if there is any crooked or bent portion in the whole metal track. And make sure there isn’t any debris blocking the path. These could affect how the garage door opens and closes. It’s best to call a commercial garage door repair team to get your tracks appropriately aligned or deal with rusted parts.


2. Old or Damaged Springs


When you think about how much weight is on a commercial garage door, it needs to be able to support that. That’s why these doors have torsion springs that attach at both ends. The springs are the workers, serving as the counterbalance against the weight of the doors. The mechanism keeps each cycle controlled. Some garage doors also have extension springs that supplement the torsion tube. Especially in an emergency, these springs can keep the door from falling off the tracks if it dislodges.


The springs and cables that keep your garage door up are vital to its operation. If you see any rust on them, or if they seem too loose or wonky even (it happens with too many cycles after years), these indicate that they are old and it’s time for a replacement! Garage door spring repair can be risky so leave this job with professionals who know what they are doing and have the tools for the job.


3. Photo Eye Sensor Issues

Garage doors have photo eye sensors on either side. These are great safety features that helps prevent the commercial garage doors from closing when there’s a person or any other object on its way. Sometimes though, the sensors may not retrieve the right signal. And if there’s an issue, they won’t work as accurately which can result in some damage or injury! You should call commercial garage service companies for expert assistance because they will be able to reprogram or replace the defective sensors.


4. Problems with Power

Tech upgrades have moved our garage doors from manual to digital. In commercial properties especially, you’d be hard-pressed to find a manually operated garage door. Everything uses a power source. But there could be issues here as well. If your garage door is not raising or lowering accurately or at all, there may be a problem with the power supply. Again, this is a maintenance check that professionals best do. You could be injured if you’re inexperienced in dealing with electrical wiring and attempting a DIY job. 


5. Damaged Panels

Commercial garage doors endure more use compared to residential garage doors. But they’re also more prone to damage because of it. One of the most obvious things you need to fix right away is a damaged section or panel. The good news is that you can replace just a single panel if only one panel is dented or broken. You don’t have to overhaul the entire garage door. But if your existing door looks really worn out and old, you may want to invest in a totally new look. Commercial garage door professionals can give you lots of design options and features (e.g., insulation) to choose from.


Commercial garage doors are designed to withstand more wear and tear than residential ones. But they could also require more maintenance work just for the sheer number of cycles they have. One obvious wear that we see are damaged panels. If your commercial garage doors need some freshening up, you can replace sections of it, no need for a total replacement. Commercial garage door repair companies can give design and material options for your next upgrade.



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