When to Call Emergency Garage Door Repair

September 2, 2022by admin

Garage doors are the silent workers in homes. They endure a lot of abuse, and if there isn’t solid maintenance work, you may encounter problems. Fixing a garage door emergency for residential and commercial garage doors is ALWAYS best left to professionals. 


First, it saves you time because their same-day garage door service can accommodate your schedule. Second, garage door technicians are equipped and experienced in repairs. You’ll avoid any physical injuries or further damage to your property. And third, you may end up saving money in the long run. Even with a sudden expense, urgent repairs can go a long way to keeping your doors functioning.


Here are some signs that emergency garage door repair is needed:


Garage Door Opener Remote Isn’t Working 

If you can’t open your garage door using the opener, there may be an issue with other parts of the doors. 


Sounds weird? The entire garage door mechanism is interconnected; the opener will be affected if the spring is torn or loose. The photo eye sensors, too, can affect how the opener performs. These sensors signal to the opener if there is an obstruction from the door closing. If the sensors have issues, the opener won’t be accurate in operating the doors.


Garage Doors Go Off Track

You can notice this when the horizontal track is no longer aligned with the vertical track or when the rollers go bald and become too worn out. It’s crucial to realign the garage doors (don’t use them!) right away to keep the movement safe. Call an emergency garage door repair company – they should have a standby mobile service that can assist you.


Garage Door Won’t Close all the Way

If your garage door only closes part of the way, it could be due to a sensor issue or obstruction in the tracks. It could also indicate that your garage door springs need to be replaced. An even simpler cause may be that the springs are already worn loose, so the doors no longer respond as they should. Keep in mind that if the spring is broken in any way, and your doors open, the heavy door could crash down. You wouldn’t want that type of risky situation, so call a same-day garage door service immediately when your doors don’t close.


Garage Door Opens on Its Own

If your garage door opens on its own, it could be a sign that your garage door opener is malfunctioning or the remote itself has the wrong setting. It could also be an issue with the photo eyes or tracks. This is critical to fix, especially if you have young children or pets that could cross under the garage doors to go outside.

Garage Door Won’t Close

Sometimes the garage door won’t close and freeze while rested on the headway. This problem is different to when the door would get stuck midway. It could be a sign that the tracks are misaligned or obstructed. The photo eyes, garage door springs, or opener could also be an issue. This calls for an emergency as you don’t want the garage area exposed all night. Aside from the vehicles, garages are usually where homeowners store unused equipment, furnishings, and other home appliances. It’s a must to get any mechanical or gear issue checked asap.


Garage Door is Making Strange Noises 

If your garage door is making loud, screeching noises, it’s likely an issue with the tracks or rollers. It could also indicate that your garage door springs need to be replaced. This is a big problem, especially if your garage is attached to the house or right below a bedroom. Professionals can get to the bottom of what’s making the racket and do the necessary fix without damaging connected parts.


Wall Unit or Remote Does Not Work

Sometimes the wall unit or emergency release handle stops working, and so the door opener may need to be reset. One easy emergency measure is simply changing the batteries in both the garage door opener and remote. However, the remote may need reprogramming or have other electrical issues. If a simple battery change does not work, it’s best to call for emergency repair services to not damage the control.


Same Day Garage Door Service Here

While some homeowners try their hand at fixing emergency garage door repair, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Not only do they have the experience and expertise, but they also have the right tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Trying to fix an emergency garage door repair on your own could result in further damage, which could end up costing you more money in the long run.


Call us if you’re experiencing any of the problems we mentioned. We offer emergency garage door repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand that garage door emergencies don’t always happen during normal business hours, which is why we’re available anytime you need us. Talk to us today to book an appointment.


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