Top Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Garage

July 8, 2022by admin

Home remodeling is one of the most exciting parts of owning a home. There’s nothing better than harnessing your family’s creativity and balancing that out with the daily practicality in a home design. And while the kitchen, living room and bathrooms are the first areas of the home usually remodeled, there’s one part that could give you the biggest ROI when upgraded: building a new garage. 


Building a new garage, specifically getting new garage doors on either a detached or a connected garage, can get you as high as 97.5% return! That’s even higher than a minor kitchen remodel ROI, estimated at 80%, respectively. Why are garages – and new garage doors for that matter – carry so much value for your home?


Home experts suggest that it’s all about improving beauty and functionality. Because worn garage doors can cause security issues, flooding, and excess energy consumption, installing a new garage door can keep these problems away. Plus, with the right style and material, it can boost curb appeal. And if you have any custom needs, such as extra storage, workshop corner, and any other room function, you can customize the layout and furnishing that your new garage will have. 


Top Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Garage

Building a new garage brings creativity and clever design at the forefront, but novice homeowners could still experience some pitfalls when upgrading their garage room.


Here are some common mistakes when building a new garage. Learning about these errors could save you time, money, and energy when it’s time for you to develop your own unique garage area:


Lack of Planning


Even though garages are usually treated as separate to the house, it’s a tremendously versatile room. That being said, most homeowners tend to forego planning when building a new one. And this is unfortunate because the garage could provide so much more value and functionality if planned diligently.


When building a new garage, it pays to have a clear plan of what you want to develop, what will the new garage be used for, and what materials will reflect both design and practical sensibilities. Finding a trusted garage contractor could make the process easier, but you as the owner should have a clear idea of the project, the budget, and the game plan.


Cheap Garage Door Installation


The garage door will undoubtedly be the focal feature when remodeling your garage. The garage is only as good as the doors that secure it. And one major mistake new homeowners commit is settling for cheap garage doors. 


To ensure you’re not skimping on garage door quality, ask yourself, “Do I need a single door or a double garage door?” “What material works best for my location?” “What brand is trusted in the market?” 


Whether you need a single garage door or a double garage door, it’s best to consult your plan. Configuring some areas of the new garage to be a storage, a workshop area, or a living room extension would mean double doors might work better. But single car garages have the advantage of being affordable and compact. Whichever choice is better for your space and budget is the way to go. 


Just remember that cheaply made garage doors might compromise your safety and security. You may be spending less now but might pay for it later with more maintenance work and more glitches.


Going DIY With Remodeling 


It’s easy to be tempted with DIY, as it cuts down costs. But some things are just left with experts – and home remodeling is best left to professionals. 


These include installing new garage doors, changing electrical work, and widening the garage area. These are crucial works best left in the hands of amateurs.


Safety should be a top priority when remodeling, especially with a new garage. Professionals have years of experience doing the job the right way, so there won’t be any issues later on with faster wear and tear, structural safety, and more. When you hire projects out, you can rely on a binding contract for warranty and quality of results.


Getting injured or electrocuted is not worth saving a few hundred dollars, and it might even cost you more in the end when the quality of work suffers. 


Plan Your New Garage Today


While a new garage brings appeal and value to your home, it’s still essential to take note of possible pitfalls when embarking on this project. Making sure that you have the vision for the new garage, the plan for what materials and what type of door you’ll need, and how your budget can work with the plan – all these considerations can go a long way into making your new garage project successful.


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