Top 3 Steel Garage Door Alternatives

October 28, 2022by admin

Time for a new garage door? Steel is one of those undisputed go-to materials for the garage door. Because it is sturdy, lightweight, and very low-maintenance, steel is an attractive option for residential garage doors. But if you want other options that can perform as well as steel, there are other stylish and durable alternatives for your space.


Deciding on material involves knowing your style preference and knowing that the garage door material suits your day-to-day lifestyle. If, say, you live in an area with extreme temperatures, and you have little time to maintain your doors, then you need a durable garage door. Or what if you want those lovely wooden textures, but your motor and opener aren’t the right horsepower to support the heavy doors?


Steel is a popular choice, but it does have its disadvantages. It can be prone to bending when the temperatures get too high, and it’s not the best insulator. You’ll need to invest in a layer of insulation to make the garage comfortable to be in. 


Getting the right recommendations for your new garage door is vital; talking to a garage door repair installation team can give you the right sense of features to maximize garage door functionality and aesthetics. 


Top 3 Steel Garage Door Alternatives


Steel garage doors give a nice payoff for your residential garage door, but there are other choices you have that will truly be as satisfying as getting steel garage doors. Here are our top 3 steel alternatives for you to consider:


Aluminum Garage Doors

Boost your home’s curb appeal by combining an aluminum garage door with glass inserts. These are lightweight and won’t rust, making them a good choice for coastal homes. More homeowners are going for aluminum instead of steel garage doors because, like steel, this material is durable and lasts longer with fewer repairs. 


Aluminum is a natural rust-resistant material that can withstand extreme or changing temperatures well. For example, homes in coastal communities with humidity, rain, and heat can benefit from aluminum garage doors. There’s minimal upkeep involved with this material, because it’s easy to clean and there’s no risk of rusting. 


Aluminum also has a crucial advantage over steel – it’s lighter, which requires less weight on the opener, the springs, and the entire cycling mechanism of your garage door system. With more lightweight doors, it’ll likely last longer without wearing parts out. 


Of course, like steel garage doors, aluminum will require an added layer of insulation just to make it more energy efficient. Look for one that has insulated rails and stiles filled with polyurethane foam. 


Fiberglass Garage Doors


Fiberglass is another great alternative to steel garage doors. The material is pretty tough and long-lasting, without the need to fuss over it regularly like other doors (e.g., wood). What’s great about fiberglass garage doors is that they won’t expand or warp when exposed to high temperatures or any sudden temperature changes. 


Fiberglass garage doors can be made to mimic wood texture – this is a stylish option for homeowners who still want the richness of woodgrain without having to maintain real wood garage doors. Fiberglass is suitable for both hot and cold climate areas.


Check out fiberglass garage doors that have polyurethane insulation and quality bottom seal so you can block the draft and dirt entering your garage area.


Vinyl Garage Doors


Vinyl garage doors are fairly new to the garage door market, but they’re growing in popularity now because of their durability and practicality. Vinyl garage doors are made of composite materials, which are engineered to last so much longer than other garage doors. Like the other options here, vinyl garage doors are fuss-free when it comes to maintenance. 


Check with your garage door installation specialists if they can provide a vinyl garage door that has built-in insulation, soundproofing, and durable bottom seal. These will help with your home’s energy efficiency, soundproofing, and durability through the years. 


Garage Door Installation Made Easy


If you are in the market for brand new garage door, our garage door installation services are here for all your needs. If you are ready to move away from steel garage doors, we have outlined our three top options for residential garage door repair and replacement. Our extensive catalogue of products and accessories will make your unit the best in terms of style, but also last a long time to maximize your investment. Call us today!


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