Signs Your Garage Door Springs Need to be Repaired!

March 13, 2021by admin

Garage doors are undoubtedly one of the most crucial parts of your home, both for appearance and security. While they can last for quite a few years, they go through some wear and tear after being used so much. The garage door springs, in particular, can be tricky to work with when you find that they aren’t working correctly anymore, but how can you tell? Garage door springs tend to last for seven years or more, but problems may still arise. Here, we will detail the signs that you need garage door spring repair to be prepared should you need to hire a garage door service to help you.


Garage doors tend to be quite heavy. Despite the weight, the springs allow the garage door to be raised easily whether you open it manually or with a garage door opener. Torsion and extension springs are the two primary styles of garage door springs. Torsion springs are used with bigger garage doors and can be found on the wall above the garage door. Extension springs can be found on the sides of a single-piece garage door or above the horizontal tracks, using a cable and pulley system. If your door refuses to open, this is the clearest indication that something is wrong with your springs. This may suggest a range of problems with the garage door opener, including a problem with the springs. If this happens, you should have a professional check it, especially if you need a garage door spring replacement.

You might also notice that your garage door might fall quicker than it usually would when you close it. This can be another sign of a broken spring somewhere in the mechanism. These springs support the weight of the garage door, and they can fall quickly without that support. When this happens, it is advised to call a technician as soon as possible before you get into an accident. You might also want to watch out if your garage door is unstable and jerking, as it is likely that the garage door springs are broken. Another sign of this is if your garage door only opens about six inches, as you might have difficulty opening it all the way through if your torsion spring is broken.

A crooked garage door can be an inconvenience in several ways, but it is also a sign of damaged garage door extension springs. They are generally attached to the garage door on both sides, and if one of them fails, the garage door will not open on that side. As a result, you will find that your garage door is crooked. And if you don’t have it fixed immediately, there is a chance that your garage door can get stuck on the tracks. If your doors are squeaking, a bottle of lubricant might be able to solve the problem. Garage door repair is not something that homeowners can attempt on their own, so it is advised to contact professionals instead of fixing the issue yourself. 

Loose cables can also be a sign of faulty springs. Many people mistakenly think that their garage door cables are loose when the torsion springs are actually failing. These cables are held in place by the pressure exerted by torsion or tension springs. However, as soon as the spring breaks, it unwinds, causing the cables to fall out of place. The torsion spring on your garage door is made up of one or two springs that are tightly wrapped over the garage door. They can unwind if they break, so expect a noticeable gap to appear if this occurs. If you find a gap between your torsion springs, leave it to a professional. It is important to remember that doing this job yourself could make things worse, and doing repairs on the springs is more complicated than it looks.

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