Prepare Your Garage Doors for Winter!

November 19, 2021by admin

Wherever you live in the country, you know how significant the role is of changing seasons in our routines. While garage doors can last through cold and warm periods – quality garage doors can last multiple daily cycles for years – it’s still crucial that homeowners get their garage doors set for the harsher seasons.


Leaving your garage door unguarded in the winter could bring problems. For one, your car and other equipment kept in the garage could be fully subject to the elements. And if you are using the garage as a workspace or an extension of your living space, it could be uncomfortable staying there during winter. Who’d want their garage doors stuck and the garage area exposed to the cold? That’s something you need to avoid to protect your property. 


Why Prepare Garage Doors for Cold Weather?


Winter, or just the colder weather, has a unique effect on your garage door system. Because your garage door system is made of several mechanical moving parts, it needs to be lubricated well. Winter causes the lubrication to dry out and strain components like springs, rollers, and cables. 


And if there’s snow collecting through the door, it will be a struggle opening and closing your garage doors. Not only that, snow turns to moisture that can get into the nooks and crannies of your garage door mechanism and cause them to freeze. 


Another reason is energy: warm air could escape the room if your garage doors are not properly insulated. Your indoor heating system will have to work extra hard, which means energy costs can add up. 


How to Prepare Garage Doors for Winter


Now that we know how crucial it is to prepare your garage doors for the winter season, here are some garage door maintenance must-do’s for winter. Ideally, you should be doing these before the cold season approaches, but if you haven’t yet, there’s still a bit of time to do so.


Check the Weather Stripping


We can’t overstate the importance of quality, intact weather stripping! Quality weatherstripping should have no-pinch points, and is made of durable rubber designed to withstand heavy winds, snow, and torrential rain. Weatherstripping keeps the elements out of your garage! So even a tiny crack or gap in your door’s frame will render it useless to prevent moisture and cold from getting into the garage. 


Take time now to check the state of your weather stripping; if there are any loose parts, call a garage door repair professional to fix them. Don’t wait for freezing days to address this concern!


The weatherstrip has no-pinch points and is made of EPDM rubber that is designed to withstand extreme conditions. It provides a weathertight seal that keeps out air and moisture and prevents heat transmission. The FinDoor can handle heavy winds, torrential rain, and frigid temperatures.


Lubricate Mechanical Parts


Like what we’ve mentioned, lubrication is essential because it keeps all moving parts working smoothly. The cold weather will cause the metal to contract and the lubricant to dry up, causing your garage door parts to freeze or seize up. 


Taking time to apply lubricant or hiring a garage door maintenance team before winter can make sure no moving parts will be affected by the freezing temperatures.  


Check Your Photo Eye Sensors


Another key step is to make sure your sensors are clear from any debris – that includes snow. Too much snow and dirt accumulation will prevent the sensors from making the proper signal and getting the garage door to cycle correctly. 


If you notice any problems with the door not coming down or moving intermittently when you operate it, check if snow or other debris is not the reason for it.


Insulate Windows


Don’t forget about windows – insulated windows are made of double-panel thermal glass. As it reduces extreme heat during summer, window insulation can also keep the cold transmission in check. 


Make sure your windows are in good shape; any damaged windows and broken parts can affect your indoor temperature. Call for garage door service if you need repairs.


Reliable Garage Door Service for Winter


We’ve shared some of the basics in garage door winter preparation. You can check these parts yourself, but it’s best to schedule preventive maintenance that garage door professionals can handle.


Our licensed technicians here at Alpine Garage Door Repair can help prepare your garage door for winter and the colder months. We offer an extensive collection of insulated garage doors that will keep your garage protected from the elements. In addition to high-quality garage door installation, we also perform garage door maintenance, weather sealing, including full inspection, lubrication, cleaning, and tune-up essential to getting your garage ready for the winter season.


If you have any questions or want to learn more about our services, feel free to contact us! We’d love to hear from you!


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