Garage Door Windows: Go or No?

August 20, 2021by admin

There are so many options in the market when it comes to garage doors. From materials to aesthetic design, colors to functional features, you’re in for a whole world of possibilities. And there’s still another option to consider: garage door windows!


Whether you’re buying a new house and have yet to choose a garage door or having a new garage door installation in your current home, you could opt for a style that has garage door windows. We’ll tell you why:



  • Lets natural light in


Perhaps the most significant benefit of having garage door windows is that they let natural light illuminate the room. Nothing beats natural light because it’s not too straining to the eyes, and it gives that light, airy vibe in any space.


Notice how natural light is always prioritized in living spaces and kitchens? You could also benefit from letting natural light in your garage area, especially if you plan to use the space as a crafts area or a new workspace.


If you feel that your garage looks so dim that you have to open the garage door because the ceiling lighting is not enough, having garage door windows can make a big difference.


Winter won’t feel so glum if you have a bit of natural light that shines through!

  • Creates a cohesive home look


Unless you have a very unusual taste in architecture and prefer a windowless structure, you probably have many windows in your home. Again, there’s just that great feeling when you enter a space filled with natural light. That’s why most homeowners have big windows on the front of the house and in most rooms.


Now, you can’t forget about the garage. It’s a dominant feature of your home’s exterior, and it will add so much value design-wise if your residential garage door matches the look of your home.


Garage door windows have many options; they can come in various shapes, glass finish, and placement. If your garage door windows follow the same style as your house windows, it can elevate your curb appeal.




Top Considerations When Getting Garage Door Windows


Before you call your garage service team for a new unit, these are some important considerations when you’re deciding on getting a garage door with windows:




You might be thinking, “Of course you’ll say homeowners need a new door!” But in fact, you do if you want windows. Why? First, adding a new window section to your existing garage door is too tedious and problematic to be worth it.


You’ll need to re-examine just about every part; the spring will take on a heavier load, the garage door opener may not be suited to your heavier door, and so forth. Aside from that, the color and finish may be impossible to match between new and old garage door panels.



  • There’s less insulation


Garage doors with windows typically provide less insulation because you have less space to place insulation material. If you’re in an area that tends to make the garage room freezing, you may want to think twice about placing windows on your garage door.


While they do improve the natural lighting in your garage, garage door windows have a lower-R value rating, which means the thermal capacity to insulate is much lower than a windowless garage door. Aside from the insulation, garage door windows will also give less protection against UV rays because they let the sunlight come through space.


To combat this effect, invest in insulated glass windows. You’ll spend a bit more, but you will maintain the maximum energy efficiency to make the garage area warm and comfy even during the cold winter months.



  • The placement of windows affects privacy and design


Garage door windows provide two things: aesthetic appeal and functionality. The latter means your windows determine how much light enters the garage room and how much of the garage area you want to be visible from the outside.


Most homeowners choose to have the windows horizontally placed at either the top row or the second row of panels. This is the most common layout because it can light the interior space equally, and it’s a more secure option – the outsiders can only see the ceiling portion of the garage.


The top row placement is traditional. If you want a more modern take, the popular option is to have garage door windows form a vertical column on just one edge of the door. This is leaning more on the modern visual impact, not necessarily on maximizing the natural light. And remember that this will make your room visible from the outside because you have windows from top to bottom of the door.


And if you are just totally about windows, you can have an all-window option for the entire door! A flush panel with clear windows is an excellent option if security isn’t a big concern in your property.



  • Take advantage of your window of design opportunity


Adding garage door windows gives you a new avenue for design. For example, if you feel that your house looks too boxy, a complementary counterpart (e.g., curved or arched windows) can soften the angles. Or, if you have a classic craftsman house, a carriage-style door can add that traditional charm.


Whatever the style of your home, you can find garage door windows that suit the shape and architectural aesthetic of the property.



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