Commercial Garage Door Issues You Need A Professional’s Help

July 9, 2021by admin

Commercial garage doors are essential in any business. How else are you going to secure your supplies and equipment stored in spacious garage areas? Aside from that, commercial garage doors are the most accessible entry point for deliveries and other inventory-related activities. 


Your doors may not look much, but they sure do a lot for the day-to-day operations. 


So, it can be a big problem when the garage door in your business malfunctions. It will create delays; your staff might need to adjust the routines, and it will compromise the security of your office or store. As a business owner, you need to resolve any garage door issues as soon as possible. 


Here are a few of the most common commercial garage door problems you should be aware of that will need garage door experts to fix: 


Damaged Track

Commercial garage doors run on tracks that support the opening and closing motion of the door. Whether you have an overhead garage door or a wall-mounted type, the tracks will continuously operate whenever the garage door is used. 


In a business, garage doors are opened and closed every day, several times a day – usually more frequently than home use. The constant use of these heavy garage doors will eventually wear the tracks out. You may find that the track seems bent in certain parts, misaligned, or it looks rough and clunky already. Check the sounds as well. Tracks and rollers that are due for repair will be a lot noisier and struggle when the unit is operated.


If you see any crooked portion in the metal tracks, call a commercial garage door service for a maintenance check. If left untended, the tracks could make the issue bigger by damaging the heavy door itself. 


Power Issues

If you own a business, chances are you’re using a digital type of garage door opener. It’s much more seamless and efficient for frequent use than a manually operated garage door. 


Of course, there will be power issues in the long run. These could look like: when your overhead garage door is glitching when you move it upward or downward; or when the door is struggling in motion when operated.


Don’t wait for the opener to just conk out and leave your business in a tight situation. This is a maintenance check best left for professional commercial garage door service. Attempting repairs on your own could damage the electrical wiring further or risk injuries – both are pricier and never worth it.


Damaged Panels

Most commercial garage doors endure more use than residential garage doors. Therefore, they are more prone to damage by their frequent opening and closing. 


Damaged panels are common because the door itself is the main protective feature of the garage door. It’s vulnerable to the elements, accidental bumps and scrapes from vehicles and delivery trucks, and it will be damaged if someone intentionally wants to break inside the garage door.


If you’ve got a garage door that’s been damaged in one spot, you might just be able to replace the part that’s damaged. You don’t need to replace the entire door if only one panel is dented or broken. But it’s a good idea to have your local garage door service provider look at it first.


And if your current door looks pretty worn out, why not invest in an overhaul? A new garage door will secure your business more effectively and add a design feature to your place. Garage door professionals provide lots of options for your design and budget specifications.


Old or Damaged Springs

Garage door springs, along with the cables and tracks, absorb much of the pressure that is released every time the massive garage door is moved upward or downward. It’s not really the motor that drives each motion. Instead, it’s the springs that do the heavy lifting.


This spring and cable system are built to support that significant weight. Torsion springs attached to the drums are linked to the cables and extension springs. These mechanisms keep the heavy metal or wooden unit from falling off the doorway or dislodging.


Damaged springs count as an emergency because the parts that lift the heavyset doors are compromised. It could lead to severe accidents if unfixed.       


Garage door springs and cables need maintenance every so often to stay in good working order. This is not something you can be expected to do yourself, even if you’re an experienced garage door technician. It’s that risky!


It’s much better to call a commercial garage door service company out to your business to provide the necessary repairs for your garage doors.


Hire the Best Commercial Garage Door Professional 

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