Adding New Garage Doors for Bigger Space? Our Tips

September 10, 2021by admin

We’re all spending more time at home these days – and that could mean that you now have an opportunity to add more features to your space. One area that has a lot of potentials, the garage, could turn into a more functional space for your projects, work, valuables, and much more.


Why Extend the Garage Space


If your home is due for a garage door repair, or if the area itself is already stacked full of belongings and vehicles, it may be time to consider adding new garage doors to extend the existing one through the rear or sideways. Renovating and adding a second garage area can give you that much-needed storage and project space. Of course, you’ll need new garage doors installed to cover the bigger space. 


Here are the biggest reasons why a bigger and better garage area can be the best home improvement project you’ll have right now:


  • Brings extra storage space

We’ve all experienced how quick it is to fill your garage area with stuff. Accumulation of possessions through the years may have turned your garage into an assortment of furniture, equipment, and other things. A side-by-side garage door extension can add needed storage space. Toys, sporting equipment, or an additional vehicle can fit much more nicely.


  • Raises your property value

While you may not be selling your home right now, it doesn’t hurt to invest in upgrades that can boost your property’s value. A large garage area can attract potential home buyers because it’s a significant part of the home. 


  • Adds versatility 

Garages don’t just mean storage for cars and equipment. The area is perfect for compartmentalizing different purposes! For example, you can convert part of the garage into a play area, an office, a workout area, or a workshop station. You can even extend it into a living room if it directly connects to that room. Whatever plan you consider, adding garage doors to open the garage space will be worth the investment.


  • Improves access

Who’s tired of maneuvering so carefully in the garage area? If you have a smaller space, chances are you have a challenging time getting out vehicles, sporting equipment, or tools and then putting them back. An extended garage allows you to access what you need quickly—no more issues lugging bulky equipment or worrying about the tight parking space. 


New Garage Doors for Bigger Space: Our Tips 


Before you commit to this upgrade, here are a few tips to consider when installing new garage doors to extend your garage area:


  1. Decide what kind of extension you need – There are two options for homeowners: an extension on the side of the current garage or a separate, free-standing garage altogether. Your decision will depend on your budget, your lot area, and your overall need. Working on your existing garage area will be a more straightforward project, but if you need more substantial storage and activity space, a separate garage area is a worthwhile option.


  1. Learn about zoning laws – this is important, as you might be violating housing regulations if you install an additional structure or extend the garage in a particular way. Take the time to consult with the HOA for exterior home regulations. If you are in a gated community, the association will have a maximum space allowed for structures. And don’t forget to consider your neighbor’s proximity, too. You may not have enough space to extend the garage if the house is built too close to neighboring structures.


  1. Plan for road access – If you’re thinking of a side-by-side garage door extension, the road should still connect to the garage. No matter the use for your extra garage space, it makes sense to plan for a driveway accessible from the road. A two-car driveway, you’ll need about 20 feet width extension to fit the second vehicle. 


  1. Consider proximity to the house – Whether you’re leaning towards a free-standing garage extension, or one directly connected to the existing area, take inventory of the space. If you prefer to extend the current garage, find out if the new garage space will be in the way of any doors or windows? Is there any foliage that needs to be cut or moved? Consult with your garage door service provider about these matters that will be factored into the estimate. 


  1. All garage doors should look complementary – Regardless of the garage extension being a standalone or still connected to the existing garage, your old and new garage doors should look harmonious either way. Garage door installation is easy enough if you have a clear plan and a reliable team. Check with your trusted supplier if the original garage door design is still available. Or if you want to overhaul the look, get a more up-to-date style for a bigger and better garage.


For a free-standing design, check the possible location. How many feet away will it be from the edge of the house? How can you make it look harmonious and not disjointed from the original home? And is there any landscaping needed? And will you be ready for future garage door repair needs? These considerations will make your vision (and estimates) a lot clearer. 


New Garage Doors: Get the Experts Here


Enlarging your current garage space via a side-by-side garage door extension or investing in a standalone garage will bring benefits to your home life. 


Whichever type of upgrade you decide, Alpine Garage Door Repair Co. can make garage projects and designs happen. For years, our team has been the go-to for high-quality garage door repair and custom garage door installation in the area. Our expert technicians are always available for a comprehensive consultation about how garage doors will figure nicely in your residential property. 


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