6 Garage Door Repair Signs for Warped Doors

February 10, 2023by admin

A functioning garage door is essential for a smooth start to any morning. However, without proper maintenance and upkeep, your residential garage door may experience bending, warping, or sagging. To avoid potentially costly repairs or replacements, it’s essential to understand the common causes of a warped garage door.


How Can You Tell if a Garage Door is Warped?


A warped residential garage door can be unsafe. Warping can cause the door to stick, scrape, or make unusual noises when opening or closing, which can be dangerous if someone is trying to pass through. In some cases, the door may become misaligned, making it difficult to close completely, and leaving your home and belongings vulnerable to theft or damage from weather elements.


Here are some physical signs of a warped garage door.


  • Uneven surface – If the surface of the door appears uneven or bumpy, it may be warped.
  • Sagging – A sagging door is a clear sign of warping, and it may be difficult to close the door completely.
  • Gaps – Gaps between the door and the frame may appear if the door is warped, allowing air and light to pass through.
  • Difficulty opening and closing – If the door sticks, scrapes, or makes unusual noises when opening or closing, it may indicate warping.
  • Visual deformities – Warping can cause visible deformities in the door’s surface, such as bulges, twists, or waves.


Warping can put stress on the door’s mechanism, such as the springs, tracks, and rollers, potentially causing them to break, which can cause the door to fall and potentially injure someone or damage property.


It’s important to address any warping issues promptly and have a professional inspect and repair your garage door to ensure it’s safe and functional.


6 Garage Door Repair Signs for Warped Doors


Below are six common causes of warped garage doors to keep in mind:


  1. Low-quality materials: Garage doors made from flimsy metal are more prone to warping than doors constructed from sturdy materials such as aluminum, steel, vinyl, fiberglass, or glass. Investing in a high-quality garage door from a reputable brand, like Amarr, can ensure your door operates seamlessly for years to come.
  2. Harsh weather: Severe storms, such as winter blizzards and heavy summer winds, can put significant stress on your garage door, leading to bending or damage. If you notice any damage after a storm, contact a professional to determine if a panel replacement is necessary.
  3. Misaligned tracks: Tracks guide the rollers to open and close the door, and if they are not properly aligned, the door may bend or become stuck. If you notice your door is buckling or coming off the tracks, it’s best to call a professional for emergency repair.
  4. Improper arm installation: The garage door arm is made up of two metal pieces, one connecting the opener to the door. The arm is the L-shaped steel connection that, sometimes, is at the wrong angle. If installed incorrectly, it may cause bending in the door or rail.
  5. Missing struts: Struts are found in the garage door panels, and they serve to reinforce this part of the door, making them more rigid. If your door is buckling or bending, installing struts may improve its function and keep the door from being warped.
  6. Lack of lubrication: Regular lubrication of metal components is necessary to reduce friction and improve the door’s function. If you hear squeaking or grinding, it may be time to lubricate your door.

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