6 Easy Above Garage Door Storage Ideas!

June 24, 2022by admin

The garage has and always will be a multi-functional room. It secures your cars, is sometimes an extension of your living area, serves as a home gym, a hobby area, to name a few. 


Because of different uses, there’s usually stuff accumulating in this part of your home. In one survey for instance, about 1 in 4 families think that their garage is too cluttered to even park the cars inside!


Clutter can prevent you from maximizing the garage space. Obviously, the fact that some families are unable to park their car inside the garage means the vehicle could be prone to theft or damage from the elements.


In addition, cluttered garage could attract pests and dust buildup you wouldn’t want for your interior space. You wouldn’t want to be part about a fourth of American homeowners who are embarrassed about opening their garage doors, right?


And perhaps the most critical reason to not fill your garage with stuff is that having a very cluttered garage can be a safety hazard. What if you need to move the car in an emergency and you can’t do so? Or what if a heavy object falls on top of you or a family member? These issues should be enough to create a more effective garage door storage plan. 


6 Above Garage Door Storage Ideas


If you’re finding it hard to walk freely inside the garage, adding more storage could help reorganize and declutter your space. If the floor area is already congested in your current setup, another option is to go up – wall storage clears out some of the stuff that you would usually end up plopped on one corner.


Here are some smart above garage door storage ideas you can consider to lessen clutter and make the most of your garage space:


Overhead Shelves


One of the most useful additions for your garage are garage ceiling racks. You can order these on Amazon or other stores, and they are very easy to install. Overhead shelves can be adjustable according to the height you prefer. And what’s great about racks that are placed as garage storage above door is that they can support hefty weight – you can put tools in there, crafts supplies, and bulky items so they won’t clutter your garage floor anymore. 


Check out this heavy-duty ceiling mount, which can support as much as 600 lbs, and is adjustable in height.




Above garage door storage isn’t limited to shelving. If you have, say, a kayak or a bike you’d want to store in the ceiling, why not hang slings above the garage door? These durable cloth materials can store narrow equipment like canoes, skis, or surfboards. 


Claw Hooks


This is another nifty way to hang your bike or other sporting equipment. You can screw the claw-style hook right onto the ceiling or the rafters. When you’re storing the bike, the claw will secure it nicely, but it’s also quite easy to release when you need to grab your bike.


Garage Door Rack


Can’t go above garage door storage? Then use the garage doors themselves! There are garage door storage racks that are attached right on to the panels. These are bought as set complete with all mounting hardware – no tools required so even the most novice can install these! Yes, it will impact the way your garage door looks from the inside, but it’s one way to store rods, fishing poles, and other items.


Overhead Garage Door Tote Bin Storage


These tote bin storage will eliminate essentially all of the clutter you have on your garage room. Because the tote bins are large enough to encase many items, you could clear out your garage easily by having two to four of these tote bins set up above garage door storage. 


Aside from the mass of items the tote bins can fit, one other advantage is the easy access. Simply slide the totes in and out of the rack if you need to access a particular item.


Multi-Storage Steel Kit


Haul all of your gardening tools, sporting equipment, and unused household stuff into this wall storage kit. Made of heavy-duty steel and can hold up to 1,700 pounds, this wall storage unit makes it easy for you to see your stuff, and also to remove and reposition items if necessary. You’ll no longer have a hard time looking for the garden shears, or the soldering iron. Everything’s organized and secured in a steel storage unit.


Get Your Garage Organized


Above garage door storage can make a big difference on how you use your garage space each day. With these decluttering and organizing solutions, you’ll never have a disorganized, unsafe garage space. Having your items secured, whether by the wall, above the garage doors, or right along the garage door panels, can give you more space in the garage for your cars. 

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