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Time for a new garage door? Steel is one of those undisputed go-to materials for the garage door. Because it is sturdy, lightweight, and very low-maintenance, steel is an attractive option for residential garage doors. But if you want other options that can perform as well as steel, there are other stylish and durable alternatives...


Garage door sensors changed the way garage doors work. Whereas before homeowners are limited to manual opening and closing of the door, now the photo eye sensors work alongside the automated opener to give the garage door a more intuitive moving feature. Let’s discuss how garage door sensors work, why they have become indispensable in...


Even though there are a variety of garage door materials now, wood remains a popular option. That’s because wood garage doors offer a classic look that can complement any home style.    If you’re considering wood for your next garage door installation, or are simply wanting to get tips on how to maintain your wood...


Natural disasters are unfortunate but very real situations that can happen anywhere. Most homeowners know that preparing and protecting the home is a crucial step in getting through hurricanes and storms safely.   But not many people know that garage doors play a big role in the entire safety of the home. Garage doors are...


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