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The garage has and always will be a multi-functional room. It secures your cars, is sometimes an extension of your living area, serves as a home gym, a hobby area, to name a few.    Because of different uses, there’s usually stuff accumulating in this part of your home. In one survey for instance, about...


Are you thinking about barn-style garage doors? The look has been popping up everywhere these days, and we couldn’t help but explore some of the basics homeowners need to know about barn garage doors.   So, where did this design originate? In the olden days, the more well-off families owned large estates with separate carriage...


Glass garage doors have been gaining in popularity these recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Having the sheen and natural light from glass garage doors is among the best ways to add visual interest in your residential or commercial garage.   Glass Garage Doors Benefits    If you’re wondering what are the advantages...


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