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Garage door springs are probably among the essential parts of your garage door that need to be in their best condition. While the garage door opener is the part that initiates and controls how the doors move, the torsion spring and extension springs are the ones that counterbalance the weight of these motions.     Since...


Wherever you live in the country, you know how significant the role is of changing seasons in our routines. While garage doors can last through cold and warm periods – quality garage doors can last multiple daily cycles for years – it’s still crucial that homeowners get their garage doors set for the harsher seasons....


Garage doors are a significant expense – it’s not something you buy every couple of months. And if carefully maintained, new garage doors are meant to last for years. So, it makes complete sense to learn the ins and outs of buying new garage doors. You’ll get the best bang for your money, and you’ll...


Ever experienced your garage door slamming down? If you, unfortunately, say yes, then you know how aggravating it can be worrying that the garage doors slam shut while your vehicle is still moving under the doorway. Plus, the slamming motion could crack and damage your beautiful doors!    There are several reasons why garage doors...


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